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RoC Sublime Energy e-pulse Review - Rachel

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May 29th, 2011

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07:17 pm - RoC Sublime Energy e-pulse Review
I won a competition a couple of weeks back on Facebook to be a Boots product reviewer. I eagerly awaited my first package, and what did I get?

Image from the Boots product page

Now, being 21 and not having any wrinkles yet, I was at a bit of a loss of what to do with this product which promises to reduce dark circles and puffiness, reduce lines and wrinkles and lift eye lids, but my mum (bless her) volunteered her eyes to be a guinea pig for the product!

Here is the before picture:

As you can see, my 44 year old mum has a few wrinkles and bags under her eyes (she'll kill me if she reads this!) but is a total anti-aging skeptic!

I applied step one, the E-Pulse concentrate, which went on easily, and then used step two, the activating moisturiser. The pump form of this tube was difficult to apply directly to the eye, so I put it on my hand, then used my finger to move it from my hand to my mums eye. I rubbed it in and immediately my mum started to feel the small electrical tingling of the cream starting to work. Its not painful, just bizzare, and lasted for about 5 minutes.
I applied the two step process to the other eye, and by the time I was done, the results were phenomenal. Here is the after picture of the same eye and I swear there is no airbrushing done to the picture, this is exactly how it looked in real life:

As you can see, the product reduced the bag under the eye and the wrinkles around it in 5 minutes! My mum was very impressed!

As time wore on the puffiness and wrinkles returned, although less than before the product was used, and I will update this after my mum has used it for a while longer, to see if the results stay permanently.

Thank-you Boots for sending such a fabulous product, and I look forward to the next one!

Rachel xx
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